2 thoughts on “A Short Story”

  1. I used to teach writing to adults and some went on to become well-known children’s book authors. So what I did was not in vain I guess.

    On the first night in class I gave a homework assignment and that was to explain in detail how to tie a pair of shoelaces so that a person could read the directions and a person could listen and follow each step and in the end, if it was written properly, the person listening would have tied the laces properly. It had to be step by step.

    Almost everyone began reading and the listener began the process of tying the shoe laces but they all had to stop as they would not hear the next step or what to do with their hands to get to the next step.

    I only had one person get it right so that a listener could follow along and ended up with tied shoe laces. People who thought they were good writers and who wondered why they were even attending my classes, soon discovered that they didn’t know very much about writing at all.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes.

  2. Hi Abe:

    Having been writing blog entries for several years now, I’ve learned how difficult it is to communicate in writing.

    I know I have a long way to go, so I’ll keep hanging in there.



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