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This is what I would call a good Theology 101 course.  My head is going around in circles trying to answer these questions.  I’m a Roman Catholic, but these arguments are tough to answer.  What da ya think?  Good Day.

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Flock Devs have decided to restrain the use of Mozillas Firefox Add-ons to its Version 2.0

Flock Devs have decided to restrain the use of Mozilla's Firefox Add-ons to its Version 2.0

After have some early difficulties in getting Flock 2.0 to work, I’m enjoying the social Web browser once more.  I don’t know what happened, but my personal profile got corrupted.  Every time I launched Flock, I  got a pesky window saying that the application had be be closed because there was a problem with Flock.exe.

In order to fix the problem, I had to uninstall Flock completely and install it again.  Of course, I lost all my personal RSS feeds, but got all my Booksmarks back by importing them from Firefox.  That was good. The RSS feeds was no problem.   I was able to put them back in a short while.  Now my Flock application is the same as before.

Version 2 is a lot faster than version 1.2.6 and has all the security features of Firefox 3, which is excellent.  I don’t want any bugs into my computer.  MySpace social network was added, but that doesn’t mean anything to me, since I don’t use it at all.  Besides that, everything looks familiar, as far as the user interface is concerned.

What really disappointed me, is that all my Mozilla’s Firefox extensions evaporated.  I had installed about five extensions that helped me a lot  in my blogging activities.  I miss them dearly.  Sometimes I get  so angry, I roll over to Firefox and blog from there using my favorite extensions.

The only extensions available for Flock 2.0 are Me.dium and Screenshot.  That’s it.  Flock’s official site for extensions reads:

Uploads Extensions

“Extensions.flock.com currently only supports extensions and themes designed specifically for Flock.

If you’ve developed an extension or theme for Flock, please contact extension-submission at flock.com with the title, description, and .xpi of your extension. We will review the submission and contact you with a confirmation or denial.”

I totally disagree with this new decision from Flock.  Having the option to download Add-ons from Firefox was one of the great features of Flock.  They have shot themselves on the foot by restricting Firefox’s extensions.  I know many Flock users feel the same.

What bothers me more, is that they didn’t even asked us–the users–if we agreed with this decision.  They just did it.  Period.  This is arrogance and I don’t like it.  Maybe they will change their minds in the future if they receive enough negative feedback from users.

If you would like to share with us your two cents worth on the subject, I would surely appreciate it.  Good Day.

Edit 1: I forgot to mention that you can now download two new themes for Flock.  They look pretty nice, but I prefer the default one.

Edit 2: I have good news for you folks.  Followed Chris Cambell’s tip and was able to installed all my favorite extensions from Mozilla’s Website. I’ll have to take my words back.  I’m glad Flock decided to keep on using Mozilla’s Add-ons.

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