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Enjoying Halloween with a corresponding computer.

Enjoying Halloween with a corresponding computer.

Today is the evening when old and young alike will go out to celebrate Halloween.  For those who like computers, you might celebrate the evening with a Halloween Computer.  Trick or Treat? Good day.

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Pixdaus, God gave us Pics!

Credit: Pixdaus, God gave us Pics!

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In an effort to keep up with the pack and maintain its competitive edge amongst Web browsers, Google unveiled Chrome’s Version yesterday; the third Chrome Beta release.  Chrome users can expect an automatic update soon.

What is new in this release?  I’m using information researched by Thomas Claburn of InformationWeek. Let’s take a look.

Version fixes a security issue that allowed address spoofing in pop-up windows. “The window’s address bar could be manipulated to show a different address than the actual origin of the content,” explains Mark Larson, Google Chrome program manager, in a blog post.

“Version also enables laptop touchpad scrolling, improves plug-in and proxy performance and reliability, fixes a PDF crash generated by closing a tab, and eliminates the storage of data from secure sites.

The updated Chrome also has benefited from some housekeeping and interface changes. The menu commands “New incognito window” and “New window” now always open new windows, privacy protected and normal, respectively. The spell checker now works on text input fields and allows users to add words to the spell check dictionary. And file downloading has been changed to make it more secure.”

Chrome is currently available for Windows XP and Vista; Google plans to release a Mac version in the near future.  There are two ways to obtain this latest release.

  1. Automatic Update:  Click General Settings button located on the upper right hand corner.  It’s the one with a little blue wrench icon.  Next, click About Google Chrome.  Next, click the Update button to upgrade application.  Next, restart Chrome and you’re done.
  2. Download Chrome Version  Download and install Chrome’s latest release by clicking here.  Remember to select Chrome’s language.  The list of languages is quite generous as you can see.

Now that you have Chrome’s latest version, go ahead and surf the Web to your heart’s content.  Good day.

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