Water Bottles, Cats and Dogs

For several months we have been pestered with cats and dogs coming to our front lawn and doing their thing.  Every morning we have to go out and clean the residues left by these pets.  We have even stand guard by the living room window trying to detect the intruders before they pollute the lawn, but somehow they seem to evade us.

We has purchased several commercial products that supposedly will chase these pesky animals away, but no joy.  They still come every day to defecate on our lawn.  This might sound silly, and it probably is, but it worked.  About a week ago, our gardener told us that if we place water bottles on the lawn, the cats and dogs would go away.  We tried it and miraculously it worked.  The residues are gone and the bad smell of the lawn is gone.

According to Carmelo, our gardener, when the animals see their faces reflected and magnified on the bottles, they feel frightened and go away.  I know this doesn’t sound scientific but so far it seems to do the trick.  I took several black and white pictures of the water bottles  on our front lawn just to capture our experiment and share it with our readers.

In this day and age of tablets, smartphones, computers, GPS,  Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, iPads and what have you; frightening cats and dogs with water bottles is a bit silly and outdated.  But I can’t help being a traditionalist with old tricks in the bag.

Snapshot of water bottles in our front lawn used by my wife to chase away cats and dogs from doing their physiological needs in our premises. Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.
Photo by ©Omar Upegui R.

Please don’t do this at home, your neighbors might think you’re losing your marbles.  Good Day.

4 thoughts on “Water Bottles, Cats and Dogs”

  1. This is just amazing. Experimentation is called for! Like aluminum foil around chair legs to keep kitties from scratching, it’s such a simple solution – amazing it hasn’t gotten more publicity.

    1. Morning Linda:

      Yup, sometimes the most simple solutions will take care of the complex problems. Will follow Jim and Nena’s idea about placing mothballs on the lawn to keep the cats ways. They did it and it worked. Another simple solution to get rid of a pesky problem.

      Best Regards,


  2. Morning!
    Our neighbors gave up on us having any marbles long ago so no problems with that.
    What we did have success with was mothballs to keep the cats out of Nena’s numerous flower gardens. Keeping plants alive in 100+ heat is tough but Nena is from Boquete so she just must have as many flowers as possible.

    The cats loved to make the flowerbeds their kitty litter box and the addition of a few mothballs did the trick. The odor is too strong for their sensitive noses but isn’t detectable by humans. A few mothballs in the corners of the attic space discourages squirrels from trying to make a home there, as well.

    I think the water bottles (or any reflecting surfaces) are a success because the animal sees the reflection of multiple animals and is scared away by the “herd”? The fact that the “herd” appears to move with the animal could make it nervous enough to move on to the neighbors’ yards?
    jim and nena
    fort worth

  3. Morning Jim and Nena:

    I’m going to try the mothballs trick to keep the cats away. Sounds like a good idea. Thank you. I’m sure my wife will be very happy to ban the felines away from her lawn.



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