Major Web Browsers Worldwide Usage – September 2012

Fresh statistics have been released into the wild by Net Applications for September 2012.  Net Applications’ statistics are based on the activity of about 160 million visitors per month to Web sites using its services.

These are the latest figures on the performance of the behemoths of the Internet as far as web browsing is concerned.

  1. Internet Explorer: 53.63 – 53.60 = 0.03 percent
  2. Firefox:  20.08 – 20.05 = 0.03 percent
  3. Chrome:  18.86 – 19.13 = 0.27 percent
  4. Safari:  5.26 – 5.10 = 0.16 percent
  5. Opera:  1.62 – 1.58 = 0.04 percent
  6. Others:  .56 – 0.54 = 0.02 percent


There is a huge surprise in September.  Microsoft Internet Explorer’s boat has its rudder stuck and the boat is almost at a standstill.  It moved a mere 0.03 percent forward.  When all versions are taken into account, IE still leads the overall market with 53.63 percent of usage in September, with Firefox in second place at 20.08 percent global market share.

Mozilla’s Firefox is fighting tooth and nail to retain its fragile second place.  It staved off the rivals with a 0.03 percentage point gain. That’s not much, but it’s a stronger showing than the steady losses that Firefox has experienced since reaching its high-water mark of 24.7 percent of usage in November 2009.  My gut feeling is that soon they will have to move to a third place ceding its position to robust Google Chrome. If, and that’s a big if, Google is able to put its house in order.

Google Chrome has lost its compass.  Instead of flying North it is navigating in the opposite direction.  I have no idea what is going on with this juggernaut.  It is doing well with its Android operating system, search engine business and commercial ads.  Its shares are selling for $756.99 each in the stock market, making it the most expensive share in this exclusive group.  Still scratching my head trying to understand the big slide backwards of 0.57 percent in September–that’s almost one third of a point.  Surprise, surprise.

Apple Safari is the big winner last month. It gained 0.16 percentage points in September—the highest of the year.  The acceptance of the iPad tablet worldwide is indisputable and this success is favorably affecting the spread of Safari.  This means more users of Safari and a better a market share position in the future.  The success of the recent launch of the Apple iPhone 5 has also had a halo effect on this sudden sprint forward.  At this pace, Apple Inc. will soon be a trillion dollar market cap company.  I’ll bet Steve Jobs has a great smile on his face wherever he is.  Tim Cook is also a very happy man, as well as his competent group of  elves.

Norwegian Opera inched slightly forward in September which is a positive sign.  I have always admired the resiliency of this Norwegian company.  No matter what, it is always struggling to move forward.   It’s no big secret that the real action of Opera  is in the mobile and gadgets industry where it is a serious contender.  I’m sure they are looking closely at the computing tablets market as well.    Good Day.

6 thoughts on “Major Web Browsers Worldwide Usage – September 2012”

  1. I don’t think there’s any surprise about Google chrome at all, I think the slide isn’t related to the browser, but to Google-the-monster-that-ate-the-internet. I’ve pulled out of every google program that I’d allowed myself to get ensnared with, except for gmail, and I’m still thinking about that.

    I’m tired of google sending me spam, trying to recruit me for this or that, and generally being intrusive.I can’t send an email without being flooded with advertising for things they think are related to what I just wrote – within seconds!

    It’s hard not to use them as a search engine, but I’ve increasingly used such engines as Duckduckgo – it’s just a matter of putting new habits in place. And I personally know a few people who have left Chrome not because of the engine per se, but because of their privacy concerns with Google. It’s quite a connundrum!

  2. Morning Linda:

    I don’t use Google Chrome either. I prefer Mozilla Firefox; in fact it’s my default browser.

    Maybe I’m lucky, but I haven’t been bombarded with Google spam. Maybe this is a strategy aimed at the U.S. market. In Panama most people use Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox. Google Chrome is not well known.

    As far as Google’s search engine, I’ve had no problems using it to search for information. I’ve tried Bing and Yahoo, but the results are not as relevant as those of Google. It could be a matter of habit as you said.

    Don’t recall ever using Duckduckgo.



  3. Linda has hit the nail on the head, Google has upset many people with its grab for power. Netflix has a film on Google’s success and its intent on becoming THE internet. Almost every update that I run has Chrome bundled with it and the user must UNcheck the option to prevent it from downloading.

    Here’s one tip for keeping Google search at arm’s length, DO NOT log in to gmail or your google account when searching. If you do, Google collects every search and targets your account with everything pertaining to your searches. Eerie how intrusive the “machine” has become.
    jim and nena
    fort worth, tx

  4. Morning Jim and Nena:

    It´s strange; I’m not getting none of that intrusion in my machine. Maybe it’s because I don’t use Google’s Mail. Instead I use Yahoo Mail for over 15 years.

    I wasn’t aware of how angry people are at Google for its power struggle to control the Web. In fact, my experience with Google search has been quite good. The information retrieved is relevant, much more than Bing or Yahoo.

    Linda had very good points on why she doesn’t like Google. That could explain why Google’s global market share is sliding backwards as I explained in my post.



  5. Years ago I use to use Hot Bot search engine.. It was founded in 1996. I thought it went away. I checked on it this morning and found it is still active. When their screen came up they gave the temperature in the upper right hand corner.

  6. Hello OldTimer:

    Sorry to say that I’ve never heard of Hot Bot search engine. Been using Google for a long time, and before that, my default search engine was Ask Jeeves. That was a long time ago during the early days of the Internet.

    Tried Bing and Yahoo, but felt uncomfortable with their information relevancy. Currently quite happy with Google, as much as many people are grumbling about its domination of the Web.



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