2 thoughts on “Photograph: Innocence”

  1. Hi Omar

    This is a great pic. The light falling on the boy’s face from camera left and the back light outlining the left side of the boy from camera right is excellent. Bokeh is perfect. I see the innocence. I also see the perplexity of innocence.

    Sharing the pictures that capture your attention, whether nature, architecture, or people, creates the imagery of a young boy standing in the doorway of a candy store. You call out to us: “Hey…have you tried this one yet? Here’s a new flavor. Oh yes…you’ll like this one…very sweet.”

    My favorite pictures in all this world are the pictures of my two little boys.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi Michael:

    Wow! What a great and kind comment on my daily pictures. This photograph captivated me because of the innocent look on the little boy’s face.

    Children are angels that reflect in a certain way the human face of God.

    Yes, I’m positively sure your kids are your favorite pictures. That’s the same posture of every proud parent.

    Best Regards,


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