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Ponderosa Pine by Peter Suzle

Ponderosa Pine by Peter Suzle

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In an effort to keep its popular browser as stable and secure as possible, Mozilla announced yesterday a new release for FirefoxVersion 3.0.6.

The latest release fixes six bugs the worst of which is a JavaScript issue affecting the browser’s layout engine that developers labeled as critical. The vulnerability, which also affects Mozilla’s Thunderbird e-mail client and SeaMonkey Internet Suite, could allow an attacker to run unauthorized code on exploited machines, Mozilla said.

The update also improves how scripted commands, such as those included with Adblock Plus, work with plug-ins, and addresses display issues, Mozilla said.

You can upgrade to Firefox 3.0.6 by clicking the Help main menu and then  Check for Updates.  Piece of cake.  If this doesn’t work, then you can click the link at the bottom of this post.  Good Day.

Download Firefox 3.0.6

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After a sign of relief of several months of declining gasoline prices, the trend has reversed.  During the last thirty days, the price of gasoline has increased twice.  Government officials said, the hike was due to tight gasoline inventories triggered by the recent war in Gaza.  The military operation in Gaza has ended, however gasoline prices recently increased last Saturday.

This new situation send shivers up my spine, since it reminds me of gasoline prices reaching over $4.00 a gallon last year.  New prices for gasoline will not be approved by Panama government for the next 15 days.  In that time frame, anything can happen.

Yesterday, as I drove to take my wife to work, this is what I saw at the Esso service station a couple of blocks from my home at El Bosque, Tumba Muerto:

Gasoline and Light Diesel prices posted at an Esso self service station at El Bosque, Tumba Muerto.

Gasoline and Light Diesel prices posted at an Esso self service station at El Bosque, Tumba Muerto.

Oops!  There’s a missing number for the price of Premium Gasoline; it should be $2.31.  The current prices are:

  • Super Diesel: $2.05 per U.S. gallon
  • Regular Gasoline (92 Octane): $2.14 per U.S. gallon
  • Premium Gasoline (95 Octane): $2.31 per U.S. gallon

Incidentally, I also noticed how the grass at the bottom of the Esso sign has turned yellowish-brown.  We are in the second month of the dry season and the sun is making its presence known.  I hate steamy hot weather.

We are expecting an impact of the U.S. recession in Panama anytime soon, specially a decrease of vessels transiting through the Panama Canal.  Increased gasoline prices will not make things easier in this uncertain economic escenario.  Good Day.

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