Major Web Browsers Market Share for May 2009

New browser usage statistics are fresh out of the oven for May from Net Applications.   Net Applications’ monthly surveys are conducted by sampling browser data from some 160 million visits to websites operated by the firm’s clients. The company describes the results as “market shares,” but they do not actually measure share of market in the traditional sense of revenue or unit sales. They do, however, provide a consistent methodology by which to gauge operating system trends.  It’s currently the most reliable source of information pertaining to Web browser’s market share performance.

These are the stats Net Applications published for May 2009:

Each browser has three figures. The first figure is May market share performance expressed in percentages, the second figure represents April market share also in percentages, and the third figure is the difference between May and  April.  Red figures represents a decrease  and green figures an increase in market share for that particular browser.  Here we go.

  1. Internet Explorer: 65.50% minus 66.10% = 0.60%
  2. Firefox: 22.51% minus  22.48% =  0.03%
  3. Safari: 8.43% minus 8.21% = 0.22%
  4. Chrome: 1.80% minus 1.42% = 0.38%
  5. Netscape: 0.74% minus 0.82% =  0.08%
  6. Opera: 0.72% minus 0.68% = 0.04%
  7. Others: 0.30% minus 0.29% =  0.01%


In May Redmond is still trying to change direction but not joy.  IE lost more than half a point.  Ballmer ain’t happy and a few ears might be pulled.

Firefox kept its ground increasing a mere 0.03% while Safari and Chrome were the clear winners of the month.  Chrome has demonstrated to be a formidable player, increasing its global market share to 1.80 percent.  Google is determined to make this baby fly pulling along its popular Internet applications like Google Docs.

Netscape is beginning to lose some of its steam, but still keeps hanging in there.  They have demonstrated to have extremely loyal users beyond all temptations.

Opera is also reversing its downward trend with a slight increase of 0.04 percent.  It’s beginning to receive  the halo effect of its mobile and gadgets versions which are flying high above its competition.

In a nutshell, the winner of May’s browsers’ race was definitely Google Chrome. Let’s wait and see what June has in store for us.  Good Day.

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