Panoramic View of New Year’s Celebrations

People all over the world goes bananas when they celebrate New Year. Almost certainly they take a cocktail too many and hangovers are carefully planned ahead of time. One of the most famous New Year’s parties, is held in Times Square in New York City where a huge ball slowly descends as the clock strikes midnight.

Photographers are always there to give us a pictorial impression of the celebrations in their neck of the woods. I have seen many of these photographs, but none more spectacular than the Full Screen 360 Degree Virtual Panoramas Hans Nyberg.

If you have a wide monitor with a good resolution, you can view jaw-dropping photographs which include an image of 360 degrees. That means, all around, above and below. Just like being in the actual spot. The background noise makes it more real dramatic.

I just took a look at a panoramic view of the celebrations at Copacabana Beach in Río de Janeiro. These annual celebrations are the largest in the world with around two million people on the beach. Unfortunately this year it rained and less people than expected showed up. However, the fireworks display above the beach were spectacular in search of a better word.

If you are interested in viewing the New Year’s celebrations in different cities around the globe, please click here and join the year’s end jubilation.



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