Fighting the Bug

Yesterday was the 18th day since the virus was first announced by our health authorities in Panama. The number of people infected has escalated to 674.  Every day the number increases roughly to 116 new detections.  Nine patients have died.  The country is experiencing a total lockdown.  Tocumen, our international airport, has been closed for a period of 30 days.  Depending on the circumstances the period can be extended.

My wife has declared war on the bug.  Alcohol, Clorox, and soap-and-water are her weapons.  Nothing escapes her hands and fingers.  Nothing.  Door knobs, garage, bathrooms, clothes, floors, windows, kitchen utensils, and even her husband is on her cleaning list.

More than four million Panamanians are playing the waiting game.  We don’t know when this mayhem will go away.  Meanwhile, we continue our mandatory isolation.

Aura in Color
My wife Aura wearing her war uniform.

Aura in B&W

“The single biggest threat to man’s continued dominance on the planet is the virus.”Joshua Lederberg, Ph.D. and Nobel Laureate

Good Day!


3 thoughts on “Fighting the Bug”

  1. Hola Omar y Aura,
    Stay safe! Our state (Texas) has issued a stay-at-home order except for essential trips: food, medical, gasoline, etc. We have been out a couple of times for groceries and only about a tenth of the normal sized crowd was shopping, mostly for groceries. Many national chain stores offer order online/pickup outside service or they deliver directly to the house. Postal mail is still being delivered every day as are Amazon orders.

    Truthfully, since we are retired, it has not affected us that much except for much lighter traffic and smaller crowds. The stores has signs reminding folks to keep 2 meters of distance from each other, and the checkout lanes have big “X”s on the floor at 6 foot spacing. And, everyone is much more considerate and courteous to each other.

    I believe that if we can maintain this pattern for a couple or 3 weeks, we should see a large decline in the number of cases. That will give us time to handle any new cases.

    PS, I added a link to a company in Dallas that is using 3D printing to produce masks which they are donating to health care folks. (I KNOW how much you love technology!) Ha

  2. Hola Omar y Aura,
    We have a stay-at-home order except for essential trips: groceries, medical, gasoline, etc. Restaurants, bars, and other places of large gatherings are closed but a majority of them are doing drive-through or take out orders. The pizza delivery businesses are doing an enormous amount of traffic, I suspect.

    I sent a link to a Dallas company that is printing 3D masks to give away to health care people. I believe that much like fighting WWII, our ability to manufacture huge amounts of materials will make the difference in fighting this battle.

    Stay safe and God bless,
    jim and nena

    1. Hola Jim y Nena:

      The world is smaller than we think. It’s a fragile ball floating and rotating in the middle of nothingness. What you commented on is very similar to our situation in Panama. The national slogan is “Stay Home”. And we obey the law. Be safe my friend, you know how much we love each other for many, many years. Be Safe.

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