2 thoughts on “The Wolf and the Lamb”

  1. Diana Moran:
    She was born in Panama on November 17, 1932 and died in Mexico on February 10, 1987. At the time of her death she was a full-time full professor at the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM), in Mexico City. She arrived in that country in 1969, exiled after the military coup of 1968, when she was leader of the Teachers Association.
    My very rough translation of her poem is:
    “The wolf is called dollar,
    The wolf killed the peace.
    The wolf, children of the world,
    is the bearded Uncle Sam. ”
    Diana Morán

    I began my acquaintance with Panama on Dic 17, 1968 when I was stationed at Ft. Clayton. Almost exactly a year later, another military coup by a couple of colonels in La Guardia tried to oust Torrijos while he was visiting in Mexico. The colonels misjudged Omar’s support and Omar returned to Panama in triumph. A few months later, the imprisoned colonels escaped and got asylum at Gamboa prison. Omar vowed to attack the prison so the US military set up a perimeter defense. My unit was sent to provide radio communications to headquarters in Fort Amador using a relay station on Contractor’s Hill. We had trouble with the signals and my lieutenant drove me to Contractor’s Hill and later to headquarters where we found the problem and fixed it. Luckily, Omar never attacked.
    As is the case, one never knows what is going on until the history is written.

    1. Hola Jim y Nena:

      Thank you for such a thorough comment on Diana Moran. She was a dedicated communist and enemy of the capitalist system, and of course of the United States. This picture was painted on a wall on Avenida 12 de Octubre. It depicts the antagonistic attitude towards the capitalist system shortly after the incidents of January 9, 1964, at the Balboa High School. This incident eventually led to the Torrijos-Carter Panama Canal Treaty signed on September 7, 1977. Panama assumed full jurisdiction of the Panama Canal and the Canal Zone on December 21, 1999, exactly at noon.

      All of these historical events happened during my lifetime. Unfortunately, none of it has been written in textbooks as part of the history of Panama. Nothing has been written since the military coup of October 11, 1968, when the administration of then-President Arnulfo Arias was toppled. Shortly after the PRD (Partido Revolucionario Democrático) was born. As I write this comment this party is now in power.

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