Arnulfo, The Plumber

Water Filter Man

“Photographs capture moments and it is the photographer who gives worth to the image. Photography is not just a subject, it is an art which has no boundaries.  Photography lies in us, not the camera.Anonymous

Good Day!

2 thoughts on “Arnulfo, The Plumber”

  1. Hola Omar,
    Nena and I just finished updating a 50 year old bathroom with a new tub/shower. It took us months but we did it. Plumbing is my LEAST favorite DIY project and plumbers are often maligned for how much they charge. I believe that they earn every real.

    My favorite plumber joke:
    A plumber attended to a leaking faucet at the doctor’s house. After a two-minute job, he demanded $150. The doctor exclaimed, “I don’t even charge that amount and I am a doctor.” The plumber replied, “I agree. You are right!
    I didn’t either, when I was a doctor. That’s why I switched to plumbing.”


    1. Hola Jim y Nena:

      I hear you. We have the same problem here, but not just for plumbers. It applies to just about every fixer in this town; plumbers, mechanics, carpenters, gardeners, shoe repairers, and so on and so forth. You are practically forced to learn how to fix your own problems at home.

      Plus they charge a fortune for their below-standard work. That’s the way things are in this part of the world. C’est la Vie!

      Thanks for the morning laugh. It was witty! 🙂

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