6 thoughts on “Sailing in Calm Waters”

  1. Hola Omar,
    those waters look calm, but that sky? I don’t know about that. I did some sailing while I was in Panama but we never made it into the Bay of Panama. We sailed from Diablo Heights where the boat was moored, down the canal, and under the bridge. We were always under the shadow of the ocean vessels and a 21 foot sailboat was mighty small by comparison. And ocean vessels have the right-of-way in the canal so it was up to us to stay out of their way.
    I took Nena on one of our “voyages” and was worried that she might be afraid. At one point, I didn’t see her on deck and panicked, but she was below deck asleep in one of the bunks! So much for being afraid.

    1. Hola Jim y Nena:

      The water was calm but beginning to get a bit choppy as the winds became stronger. A storm was brewing up.. Sure enough, a few hours later there were cats and dogs raining from the sky. As you know, during the rainy season, it’s sunny in the morning and dark and rainy in the afternoon and evening.

      I’ll have to admit, the post-edition was a bit exaggerated. I was trying to add some drama to the picture. Maybe I overdid it as you correctly pointed out.

      I have never been a sea wolf. For example, even though I worked for Texaco in the Marine Sales Department, I never transited the Panama Canal. I could easily have that in one of the many Texaco vessels frequently transiting the channel. But that’s water over the dam now.

      Thank you for your comments. I always like to hear from you and your Chiricana wife, Nena.



      1. I think the post was spot on, Omar. If we had had a craft like the one in the photo, I do not believe we would have cared what the sky was doing. Being dependent on the wind for propulsion and our small size, we tried to imagine all the possible conditions before cruising out. There were a couple of times that we got as far as the Amador yacht club and moored for the day. We were learning and we were just smart enough to know that we knew nothing. Still, it was fun.

  2. Hola Jim and Nena:

    I have high respect for the sea and its ever-changing conditions. In a wink of an eye, a peaceful scenario can morph into a nightmare.

    I like the way you remember and respect Panama. You have left Panama, but Panama is still inside you. I’m sure Nena is partly responsible for your attitude towards this country in the middle of two great oceans.



    1. This December will mark 49 years with Nena. I was blessed to get the best export that Panama has produced. Panama is never far from my thoughts.

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