Baseball Crowd

No matter what they say about the magic touch of international soccer and the 2018 FIFA World Cup, for me, Baseball is The sport.  Just take a close look at this crowd during a baseball game in Panama City, Panama.  Ain’t that great?

Good Day!

2 thoughts on “Baseball”

    1. Hello Ricard:

      That is what they say in the proud Province of Chiriquí. In Panama, it’s a different story. They say the Yankees of Panama is Panama Metro. They are the eternal rivals in baseball in this country that is enamored with this sport, as you saw in the picture above.

      The experience of assisting to one of these national baseball championships games defy words. Golden rivers of beer flow down the aisles of the stadium. Strident bands are strategically scattered throughout the venue to cheer up the competing teams. It is a formidable spectacle only seen in this country where baseball is King.

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