Drinking Coffee and Enjoying Photos




“Composition is the only tool that you have as a photographer, to trick a brain into seeing a three-dimensional scene within a two-dimensional medium.”—Kent DuFault

I followed all the photography general guidelines of a composition to create this picture.  All the compositional elements, gear, and lighting were very carefully laid out.  The idea was to evaluate my progress as an enthusiast photographer.


  • Manfrotto tripod
  • Camera set to monochrome picture style
  • Sekonic light meter
  • Hanging black background dropout
  • Continuous lighting with a 45 watt light bulb/6500 degrees Kelvin
  • DSLR Canon camera—Rebel EOS T2i
  • Canon 50mm F/1.8 II prime lens
  • Small white foam reflector
  • Westcott shoot-through umbrella


  • Rule of Thirds


  • ISO:  200
  • Aperture:  f/4
  • Shutter Speed:  1/4 of a second

In the near future, I will continue to concentrate on applying all skills learned during my past ten years as an enthusiast photographer.  “Learning by doing” was the slogan used by John Dewey.

Good Day!


2 thoughts on “Drinking Coffee and Enjoying Photos”

  1. Hola Omar,
    Are you spying on me!? haha
    That is exactly what I do every morning. I even make the coffee, part of the reason I am still on my first marriage, probably.
    PS, our niece, Tita, is here visiting! She is the one that delivered the book. She says, “Hi”.

    1. Hola Jim and Nena,

      We drink our coffee early morning; about 5:30 a.m. Then breakfast follows and we’re ready to tackle the day. Yes, I remember your niece. I understand she lives in San Francisco de la Caleta. Greetings to her as well. 🙂

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