Chirimoya or cherimoya, in English, also known as Custard Apples, are native to the Andean highlands of Peru in South America.  The cherimoya looks like no other fruit; it’s heart-shaped with rough-textured but thin skin which varies from a yellow to green to a dark green.

The inside is white, juicy and fleshy with a creamy custard-like texture and dark seeds that look like beans.  Cherimoyas are sweet and taste like a combination of banana, pineapple, peach, and strawberry.

Cherimoyas can be peeled and eaten raw, or used instead of an apple sauce or cooked apples for pies.

Good Day!

5 thoughts on “Cherimoyas”

  1. What an interesting fruit! Not only is it visually interesting, that taste combination sounds unique — and good. They remind me of pine cones, which aren’t so tasty: at least, for people.

    1. Hi, Linda, nice to hear from you. Nature can be so creative it surprises us all the time in more ways than one. One thing I will say about pine cones, they look very attractive hanging from a Christmas tree. Talking about Christmas, we are almost there. Time has wings and travels swiftly. Regards. 🙂

  2. Hola Omar,
    You really know how to push my taste buds button! I can not remember the last time I had chirimoya. I know it was in Panama because we don’t often see them in the stores here. Now I must spend the day on a hunt, if they are available, Nena will find them. haha
    I’m off on a quest!

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