What Really Happened at Benghazi in 2012?


In 2012 the United States had 294 diplomatic outposts worldwide.  Twelve were in places so dangerous the State Department deemed them threat level “critical“.  Two were in Libya—Tripoli and Benghazi

Recently I had the opportunity to stream the film, “13 Hours:  The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi” which depicts in great detail the circumstances surrounding the terrorist attack on a U.S. diplomatic compound (not an official consulate) in Benghazi.

The previous year, October of 2011, the United States and British forces attacked Libya by air.  As the air campaign continued, the Libyan people violently deposed dictator Muammar Gaddafi after 42 years of tyrannical rule.

Violent civil war broke out.  Benghazi became one of the most dangerous places on Earth.  Virtually every foreign embassy was closed except a U.S. diplomatic outpost, and a covert CIA base.  The CIA had the task of watching for lethal weapons before they spread to the global black market.  The CIA compound was protected by elite or ex-military operators a.k.a. GRS (Global Response Staff).

The motion pictures claims to be a true story of what really happened on September 11, 2012—the eleventh anniversary of the infamous September 11 attacks.

As a result of the attack, Christopher “Chris” Stevens, the U.S. Ambassador to Libya, and three other Americans were killed. Ten days after the assault, one hundred thousand Lybians mourned Ambassador Stevens.

The Obama administation initially thought the attack was carried out by an angry mob responding to a video, made in the United States, that mocked Islam and the Prophet Mohammed.  But the storming of the compound was later determined to have been a carefully planned terrorist attack

American conservative columnist Deroy Murdock wrote that the film confirmed his personal view that President Barack Obama and Secretary State Hillary Clinton were lying when they initially blamed the YouTube video “Innocence of Muslims” for the attacks in the weeks after they occurred. The video led to various protests among Muslims around the world, and Obama and others initially stated publicly that the Benghazi attacks emerged from such a protest. Murdock noted that 13 Hours instead portrays the attacks as having been initiated by “well-armed jihadists who knew exactly what they were doing”

Where lies the truth?  I don’t know.  Winston Churchil once said that, “History is written by the victors.”  I rest my case.

If you are interested in what happened in Iraq, Afghanistan, and the Middle East in general, this is a “must-see” film.

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2 thoughts on “What Really Happened at Benghazi in 2012?”

  1. Hola Omar,
    I saw this some time ago, Netflix or FireTV, I don’t remember which. Although it was a “docudrama”, I believe the film is mostly as accurate as can be during the “fog of war” situation. My impression is that the administration was out of touch with what was happening in the world as relates to the USA. The major problem after the attack was the administration’s failure to openly admit the it had failed to do everything possible to prevent the attack. But, that is hindsight and probably the result of the administration’s lack of experience in dealing with international affairs. Sad to lose American lives anytime but to lose them due to government mistakes is especially difficult.

    1. Hola Jim and Nena:

      This issue has been controversial since it took place. The people who were there complained of a lack of cooperation from the chief of the CIA in Benghazi to protect the diplomatic mission and had no idea what was happening before the attack. The same is true with the State Department in D.C. What is true is that an Ambassador was assassinated and several other Americans were also killed. Hillary Clinton on several occasioned dodged the questions from the media regarding this shameful attack. Sad.

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