Visiting the Supermarket





Our diet is rich in fruits and vegetables following our doctor’s recommendations.  Thus, every fifteen days, we purchase these products at our local supermarket—El Extra.  It is located only a few miles from our home.

Good Day!


4 thoughts on “Visiting the Supermarket”

  1. Hola Omar,
    LOVE fruits! They replace those terrible afternoon and late evening snacks of “junk” food that are not good for one’s health. Apples and queso are my favorites for movie viewing on Netflix.
    Yesterday, while I was grilling meat on the BBQ, Nena brought out a couple of plátanos verdes to cook on the grill. Delicioso! Nena has made friends with the guy who stocks the fruits in our supermarket and gets the day-old fruit at very cheap prices. The store is going to toss it and he does not have to carry it to the back of the store so it is a win-win-win for everyone. Bargains are everywhere for those who ask for them.

  2. Hola Jim & Nena:

    We don’t have that policy in our supermarkets. All their merchandise have the same price, no matter how many days it is on the shelves. Anyway, where we buy our stuff, is always loaded with fresh produce. Fruits and veggies are highly recommended for people our age.

    Plátanos are great, either green (patacones) or ripe (maduros). It’s nice to know that you able to find them in Texas.

  3. Hola Omar,
    Our niece, Tita, is visiting. You met her when she delivered your book years ago. She must have been reading my mind as I wrote my comment above because she made me an entire plate of patacones this afternoon! haha I think I am going to think about chocolate cake now and see what happens. Wish me luck!

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