Kodi, Under Siege

Kodi is very popular for those of you who enjoy streaming digital content over your electronic devices, such as TV sets, cellphones, tablets, computers, TV boxes, or TV sticks.  Wherever you are, you can watch your favorite movies, news, sports, TV shows, documentaries and what have you.  In today’s digital age, you are the center of the Universe.

But this privileged position is not without its wrinkles.  Now and then a digital corporation or entity can feel the pain of technological glitches.  Such is the case with Kodi.

If you are not familiar with Kodi, please allow me to explain that Kodi is a hot software to stream digital content.  As a matter of fact, any kind of content around the globe in a wide variety of languages.  In itself, Kodi is only a media player, plain and simple.  But, developers have dedicated tons of time to distribute content to this media player.  These programmers are called developers or content providers and the products they provide are known as “Addons“, very similar to Apple’s or Google’s “Apps“.  The only difference is that Kodi’s content is free and it is also an open source software.

Recently, Kodi’s providers were closed down based on copyright infringements.  Free movies were streamed without paying legal loyalties demanded by their legal owners.  Television networks, Sport broadcasts, and movie studios were fed up with this illegal behavior and decided to make their voices be heard—loud and clear.

The first shot in this copyright war was the lawsuit of Dish Networks against TV Addons (formerly XBMC Hub and the new stewards of Exodus.  Panic broke up immediately.  The main add-on distributors ran for the hills and vacated their offices.  The honchos are calling it quits in the wake of the lawsuit.  Some of these large distributors are Phoenix, 1 Channel, a.k.a. Prime Wire, Salts (Show All the Sources) and The Royal We; among others.  The situation is very fluid.  Some services are returning back to normalcy, while others

At this moment, the situation is very fluid.  Some services are returning back to normalcy, while others are biting the dust.  Nothing is totally stable.

My entertainment sources are Netflix and Amazon Digital Prime.  Both are paid subscriptions—$9.99 and $3.99 per month.  In my opinion, Netflix has better content and superb service.  Kodi was the third fiddle.  I use it occasionally to watch favorite movies like; “A Few Good Men”, “All The President’s Men”, “Twelve Angry Men”, “Moby Dick”, etc.  All these movies are carefully stacked inside Kodi’s huge repositories.  I use Amazon Fire TV stick to access Kodi, and Netflix.  Amazon Digital Prime is not available for this device.  My favorite Add-on provider is called “Exodus“, and as a few hours ago, it is still working.  Tomorrow?  I don’t know.  As I said, the situation is confused and extremely fluid.

If Kodi is your cup of tea, I would recomment Googling the term “Kodi” and keep up to speed of what is going on.  There is never a dull moment in the world of technology.

Suggested Reading:  Kodi Crackdown Continues as Three More Add-Ons Shut Down by Birmingham Mail Online

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4 thoughts on “Kodi, Under Siege”

  1. Hola Omar,
    I also use Kodi sometimes but like you, I have Prime and Netflix. The grandkids all have profiles on Netflix and I like their “kids only” content setting. I have a Fire TX box and watch Netflix on it as an app. I switch from Prime to Netflix all the time so I don’t watch Kodi often. I was waiting for the “other shoe” to drop as Kodi was getting better and easier to use all the time and was surely destined to draw unwanted attention.

    Trying to stop technology advances is tougher than putting socks on a rooster! Ha

  2. Hola Jim and Nena:

    We seem to share common preferences as far as entertainment sources are concerned. Netflix is great. I have no need for cable television anymore. The content of our television stations here in Panama are terrible plus they cost an arm and a leg.

    I will keep Kodi, only because I can go back and stream old movies. Their database is huge. Other than that, it will be placed on the back burner.

    Liked the English expression of “tougher than putting socks on a rooster”. Every day I learn something new. 🙂

    1. That is an expression my mom used to use, I have never heard it anywhere else. Many times I heard it in the context of trying to get me to do some chores as in, “getting him to mow the lawn is tougher than trying to put socks on a rooster”. Haha It does leave no doubt of the difficulties.

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