Remembering Steve Jobs


No matter what they say at Apple’s spaceship headquarers in Cupertino, CA, it is not the same without Steve Jobs.  His contribution to the world is beyond description.  He gave the word “quality” a whole new dimension.

I miss him!

Good Day!


2 thoughts on “Remembering Steve Jobs”

  1. Hola Omar,
    I was never an Apple user but I completely admire the change to the world because of his influence. Most of the air in the Apple balloon is gone without him and it appears to be losing altitude rapidly. Bill Gates left the building but Microsoft appears to be gaining steam and the new guy, Google, is leading the way in some areas. The technology curve is nearly vertical and the new generation is totally comfortable with the technology. I am praying there is another Jobs and Gates waiting to take the planet to the next big thing.

  2. Hola Jim y Nena:

    As far as technological leadership and creativity are concerned, it will take a long time for another Steve Jobs to emerge in the middle of the circus ring and take the baton that Jobs left behind. He was one of a kind.

    I have been an Apple fan for as far as I can remember. Purchased an Apple II-E in Computerland in the early eighties. Didn’t buy more Apple hardware because of its steep prices. Windows-driven products were much cheaper and primarily did the same thing. Still, Jobs kept pulling rabbits from the black hat on a regular basis until he passed away.

    Tim Cook is making desperate efforts to follow Steve Jobs’ steps, but that is almost impossible. Apple’s public events displaying new products don’t have the pizzaz of the past when Steve was at the helm of the company. They are boring, and nothing really spectacular is announced. Apple is doing fine, financially, but it has lost its mojo—for sure.

    In my humble opinion, the vacuum left by the disappearance of Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates from the spotlight, could be filled-in by Jeff Bezos, the current CEO of Amazon. This is a company that is leading the pack in home electronics. Maybe, just maybe, he will morph into the next big game changer. Will that happen? I really, don’t know. Doris Day used to say, “Qué será, será”. (What will be, will be.) Let’s wait and see.

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