Peruvian Oil Paintings Marketed in Panama City’s Streets






These oil paintings were being exhibited for sale at the entrance of Residencial El Bosque, where we live.  The cost of each item was $400.00 and you could buy them through a reasonable installment plan.  You paid $40.00 initial payment, and the remaining balance in nine months.

If you had cash to spare, the price would be reduced to $300.00 (25 percent discount).  No bad if you ask me.

We had to pass on this one, it was way out of our tight budget.  Maybe next time.

Good Day!


4 thoughts on “Peruvian Oil Paintings Marketed in Panama City’s Streets”

  1. Hola Omar,
    I’m guessing if you buy 2 or more the price drops again. I love bargaining in Panama or the USA. Nena was looking at some paintings for sale at the airport from a vendor in the lobby area. She negotiated her best deal but the vendor finally said his last price was the lowest he could offer. She didn’t buy anything. Passing him later to board our flight, she heard him offering a lower price and whispered, “El precio ahora es elástico”. I just about collapsed from laughing and the vendor shrugged and smiled. Bargaining and no one loses their temper makes Panama so enjoyable. The world needs more of that behavior.

  2. Hola Jim and Nena:

    In some countries, bargaining is a mandatory art. If you don’t bargain a price, you are really insulting the vendor. Such is the case in open markets of the Middle East. Fixed prices don’t exist at all. The price is what you finally settle it to be. It is the art of final agreement. Yep, I love this kind of mutual agreements. I’m sure Nena is fully aware of this commercial practice. 🙂

    1. Yep, not only is she aware, she still bargains in the US. Most folks just pay the ticket price, she just sees that as a starting point for negotiations. It really works best with items on sale because they have already lowered the price so she knows it is “elastic”. And most clerks here can check with a manager quickly and get an OK for the lower price. She has made friends in all the tiendas usadas so she gets bargains much easier.

      1. Hola Jim y Nena:

        I tip my hat off for Nena. That is exactly the right attitude when buying anything, anywhere. If you bargain for a discount, it is 9 percent probably you will get it. Most people are too timid or bashful to do so. Wrong!

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