Flowers in the Grass




God Day! Oh, and take time to smell the daisies as you pass.  🙂


2 thoughts on “Flowers in the Grass”

  1. I love those little white flowers. They look to me like a sedge, but of course I don’t know anything about most of your flowers (except bougainvillea — I know that one!) There’s an easy way to tell if they’re sedges. Sedge stems are usually solid and triangular in cross section. Even just feeling one you can tell that the stem has “edges” that grasses don’t have.

  2. Hey, Linda, so nice to hear from you again. The little white flowers are grass flowers which grow freely in our back yard. When the lawn is mowed, unfortunately, they disappear. But, I’ll admit they look lovely.

    Under the camera lens, they increase in size. We have quite a bunch of them right now. As you probably know, the rains have returned and the city is gleaming with a fresh coat of green.

    Hope all is well on your side and your boats are glowing under the bright Texas sun. 🙂

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