Euclidian Geometry




Where is all this thing about geometry in this photograph? Take a hard look at the picture and after a while the concept of geometry will emerge.  It did to me, and I’m not a Math fan, by any means.

Good Day.


2 thoughts on “Euclidian Geometry”

  1. Hola Omar,
    I liked Euclidean geometry in school. Math you can see is much easier to learn. The shortest distance between to places is a straight line, simple. Then came non-Euclidean geometry and suddenly the shortest distance was a curved line!? I liked it better before Columbus when the world was flat, but then we would miss those great sunrise/sunset photos.

    1. Hola Jim y Nena:

      For many, many years I thought the only geometry there was, was the Euclidean geometry. Then I went to college and found out about the non-Euclidean geometries. There are more than one. The law of the shortest distance between A and B is only applicable in a flat surface. But in a sphere, like the Earth, the law is useless. The shortest distance between A and B in a sphere is a segment of an arch.

      I understand that non-Euclidian geometry is used by NASA to calculate flights to outer space. It is interesting how much we think we know something, and then discover it was all wrong. Remember the planet, Pluto? It was all a hoax. 🙂

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