Freezing Time

If there is one thing, that cameras are good for is to freeze time.  Once a fleeting moment in time is captured, it will remain forever, long after the subject or the photographer are gone.

The following picture depicts the Twisters, Abdiel and Carol and my wife Aura, frolicking with a water hose in our backyard.  This picture was taken five years ago.  Both kids are now in their teens.


Good Day!



2 thoughts on “Freezing Time”

  1. Hola Omar,
    This title got me.
    I always try to imagine the photo before I click the title but Panama and freezing did not compute. I took freezing as the adjective form and was imagining that you had gotten locked in the frozen food section of El Rey! The foto was a welcome relief.
    Our oldest “twister” is only 10 and I still marvel at the change from only a few years ago. Kids grow up overnight it seems.

  2. Hola Jim and Nena:

    Here we go again, Jim, struggling to understand the English language. I was using “freezing” as a verb, and you interpreted the same word as an “adjective”. Confusion, confusion. Anyway, the photo was the safety net that solved the linguistic problem.

    Yep, my dear friend. kids seem to grow overnight. And for the same token, do we age, overnight as well? 🙂

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