Mending the Nets





Camera:  Canon PowerShot P&S A720 IS. Handheld.  Photos were taken at the entrance of the Panama Canal, Pacific Side.  The place is called “La Boca“.

Good Day!

2 thoughts on “Mending the Nets”

  1. Hola Omar,
    These are great shots. I watched a guy near that same place once for over an hour. I could never learn the skill needed for such a chore. Once the sun got high enough, the heat made me find a chicha vendor for some refreshment. As I was getting my drink, I thought about the net mender and bought a 2nd one to take to him. He had been sitting on a small bench for hours and had not moved. He thanked me a thousand times and I wished him well with his task. I hope he didn’t have to mend his nets often, it looked like very hard work.

    1. Before I took the shots, I asked for his approval. He only nodded his head indicating that he approved. After that slight head movement, he ignored me completely and kept on with his meticulous work. I was there for about two hours taking several pictures of the immediate surroundings. As I left, from the window of my car, he was still there, petrified in this metal fridge door, hard at work mending his nets. It is a classic example of hard work to bring food to the table.

      Thank you for your words, Jim.

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