Nothing to explain.  Good Day! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Jealous”

  1. For a long time of my life, I’ve been living like the lonely brush in the glass cup. But then when I come to think about the implication of marriage and the responsibility that comes with it, I become quite comfortable with my singleness.

    1. Hi Wayne,

      When you are young your body will take anywhere you want, without much hassle or pain. Being single is a good thing. The problem is age. As the body loses its capacity to fully depend on itself, you need help from your children and wife. At seventy, my body is getting heavier and heavier to move.

      That’s when my wife comes in. Recently I had an eye surgery, and I felt so relieved that I had somebody to take care of me. That was my wife, since we, unfortunately, have no children.

      Most of my life I have lived alone. As a matter of fact, since I was 16 I learned to survive and developed an acute eye to look for open windows. I don’t know why I never was good with people. So I adapted to the situation of having few friends. My wife is my best friend. God gave her to me as my life companion.

      So yes, Wayne, we seem to be on the same page. But remember that time passes and we will need help sometime. I remember being young, a trillion years ago. And the memories make me feel so good. 🙂

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