Eye Surgery

Yesterday morning, I visited my ophthalmologist for the removal a cataract on my right eye.   Everything went smoothly.  The operation itself lasted no more than ten minutes.  No pain at all.  Local anesthesia was implemented through three small shots above and below the eye.  I was conscious all the time.

This morning I visited the doctor to have the eye patch removed and to see if everything was okay.  No problems detected.  I’m back home and feel comfortable writing this post.

The vision of my operated eye is beyond description.  Within a month, I will have the cataract of my left eye removed and we are done.  The final results will be a 20/20 vision and no need to wear glasses.  I have a bright smile on my face.


10 thoughts on “Eye Surgery”

  1. Congratulations Mr Omar. It must feel fantastic to be able to appreciate things from a clear perspective again. You went to the CSS hospital for the Yee clinic outside of the neighborhood?

  2. I feel like a million bucks, Wayne. I went to the Yee Clinic right around the corner. The ophthalmologist who performed the surgery was Dr. Rafael Yee. Maybe you know him. He is well known in town. Thank you for your comments.

    Now my photographs will look a lot different—tack-sharp and brightly-colored. Yeee!

  3. Oh, this is wonderful. I’d been wondering when your procedure would take place. I’m so glad things went well — I certainly remember those first days, and how exciting it was. When you have two nicely functioning eyes, it’s going to be even better than twice as good! Here’s to a quick and complete recovery, and lots of enjoyment!

  4. Indeed Linda, the two days after the surgery have been smooth as silk. I never thought it would be so unpainful and with no irritations or other adverse effects. Last night I slept like a baby. Still wearing dark glasses to filter out the light.

    Have watched some TV and the image on the screen is perfect, and I mean it literally. Perfect. Monday will be my second visit to Dr. Rafael Yee to take a look at the eye and program the next surgery. It could be during the first week of June. And then it will be all over. Feeling really relieved. I am most allergic to blood and surgeries.

    Thank you for your comments and concerns.

  5. Hola Omar,
    GREAT news and wishing you a quick recovery. I did LASIK 17 years ago and it was amazing. Old age did catch up with me and I did start using “cheaters”, those plain looking glasses for reading and up-close work. It is still wonderful not having to find glasses just to read the clock across the room. Medical science is the best use of all of our technology progress; it sometimes seems like magic.

  6. Hola Jim y Nena:

    Today is the second visit to the doctor to check the results of the recent surgery. So far everything is A, O.K. If the condition of the eye is normal, then I will program the surgery of my left eye. Probably it will be June 8th.

    I should have a 20/20 vision. The difference in my vision is almost magical. Colors, shapes, light, etc. is so much better. It’s like having a Super Hi Definition Vision. Medical science is absolutely reaching magical status.

    Thank you for your comment, Jim. It means a lot to me.

  7. So glad for you! Glad for me, too, as I will have to have the same done sometime – I don’t know how far in the future. I was dreading it, but maybe it won’t be so bad! Thanks for posting your success.
    BTW – Re: English: Here’s an interesting comment from an author who’s sold millions of children’s books: the “Hank the Cowdog” series – adults love the books, too. He said “Adverbs kill good writing,” so he tries to eliminate all adverbs. If he spots one in something he’s written, he’ll replace it. EX: replace “steaming hot” with “sizzling.” Keeps things concise!

  8. Terry, take my work. Eye surgery ro remove cataracts is now something very common in medical science. It involves no pain and the recovery is amazing. Today is my sixth day since surgery and I’m feeling very well. Friday I will schedule surgery for my left eye. Planning to have it done by the first week of June and that will be the end of it.

    The results are absolutely amazing. The clarity of vision is difficult to put into English words. Colors, shapes, light, vibrancy are all amazing. As Jim said, it is magic come true.

    A Very interesting approach of keeping your writing as simply as possible. It makes a lot of linguistic common sense. Will take heed. Good luck in your future eye surgery.

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