Geographic Limitations on Amazon’s Prime Video

Recently I received an e-mail from the Amazon people advising that Prime Video was available in Panama for a free period of seven days.  After that, the rate would be raised to $2.99 per month for a period of six months.  If you still wanted the service, you would have to cough out $5.99 every month.

Sure enough, I took the deal and was streaming videos from Amazon on my PC, iPad, and smartphone.  But not on my home office LG HD TV set connected to Amazon’s Fire TV stick.  Every time I tried to watch a movie, I would get the following message:

“Video Unavailable”.

“We’re unable to complete your request.  Please try again later.  If this problem continues, please contact Amazon Customer Service at  Error Code:  Network_Error. “

As indicated, I contacted Amazon Customer Service and they came back promptly indicating that Amazon Prime Video would not be available to Fire TV or FireTV Stick users in other countries outside of the United States except the United Kingdom, Austria, Germany or Japan.  Since I’m located in Panama, I would not be able to stream Amazon’s Prime Video through the Fire TV Stick. (Frowning)

I was able to walk around this limitation.  I streamed the service using my Apple iPad and then projected the video to my TV set through an Apple TV box.  All well and good, except that a full motion picture will drain my iPad’s battery pretty fast.   Have to recharge the Apple device every day.  Other than that, I’m fine.

If you have an Apple iPad, an Apple TV box, an Amazon Fire TV stick, and a monthly subscription to Amazon Prime Video, you’re all set.  If negative, you would have to use your PC, Apple iPad, or your smartphone.   Take your pick and start streaming.  Content is excellent; almost as good as Netflix.

Good Day!


2 thoughts on “Geographic Limitations on Amazon’s Prime Video”

  1. Hola Omar,
    Good for you on the reroute, there is always a way.
    I had a problem with the wifi connecting on my smart TV that stopped my Netflix. I have a FireTV connected via HDMI so I downloaded the Netflix app to it and used that routing instead. I think it plays better as the FireTV has faster processing?
    I also have KODI on the FireTV but I haven’t downloaded the latest updates to it. Netflix is just easier (and I am lazy).

  2. Hola Jim y Nena:

    As they say, “When there’s a will, there’s a way”. I) am currently using Kodi, Netflix, and Amazon Prime Video and all of them are awesome. There is so much you can learn through these channels of information. I have used Netflix for several years, and it gets better and better as years go by. There is a difference in content between the United States and Latin America. However, I still feel satisfied with what they have to offer.

    Usually, I use Apple’s TV box to view Netflix’s content, but Amazon Fire TV is an excellent alternative. There is so much to watch, so little time.

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