The Wet Season is Coming


This is the way our backyard looked a couple of weeks ago.  The grass was taking a beating due to the dry weather.  Temperatures rose to 33 and 34 degrees Celsius.  The weather was hot and humid with no rain in sight.


This picture was taken about 08:00 a.m.  All indicators forecasted a heavy cloudburst.  Around 01:00 a.m. it rained cats and dogs.  We thought the roof would fall down as the drops of rain pelted the roof.  Today the sky is gray and we are expecting rain again.

Mother Nature is returning the rain to us.  The grass will be green again, the bird will chirp and flowers will grow.  Life will return to Panama as the cycle of Nature continues to toggle between dry and wet season.

Good Day!


6 thoughts on “The Wet Season is Coming”

  1. Toggle! That’s the perfect word for the in-between season where it’s rain every other day — not the rainy season, not the dry. I’ve never heard anyone else use it, but it’s absolutely perfect. Hooray for imaginative use of language!

  2. The weather of Panama, for many, may be boring and predictable, but the longer I live here, I have started to appreciate the amazing rythm of nature. Last night I woke up at the sound of the rain. The melody of raindrops on the roof was something I have wanted to hear throughout the summer.

  3. I was awake when the sky opened up last night. It was really a tropical cloudburst. I am a rain lover. Everything is so green and full of life. What I like about Tropical weather is, that it’s almost like an eternal Spring all year round. We have the sunshine every single day. In other latitudes, the sun is like an extinct species. For example, Iceland.

    We are on the same page regarding the sound of the droplets on the roof. Like a drummer playing his tune; rap-tap-tap… I enjoy the rainy season.

  4. Hola Omar,
    Be glad that the rain is in liquid form. It was just last year that we had a huge hail storm in Fort Worth. Estimates of damage were $600 million for Tarrant county, an area about the size of Provincia de Herrera. And it only rated as the 12th costliest. The rainfall from that storm reminded me of Panama until the water turned solid.

    I love the change of seasons. This past year we didn’t get much winter and we seem to have a head start on getting everything growing. The big storms have missed us so far but close enough to get our share of the rainfall. Change is variety; I like variety.

  5. We saw the damage done by hailstorms in the U.S. Some pieces of ice falling from the sky were similar in size to a baseball. Damage to house roofs and automobiles were extensive.

    We are lucky that we don’t have hail storms in this part of the world. Hurricanes are also very rare in Panama as well.

    I also like variety although I prefer the wet season because all is green and fresh. The sound of rain drops on the roof during the evenings is music to my ears.

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