Photograph Project: Orchids

After posting gorgeous orchids for several days, today the project will end.  It was a most rewarding experience.  Flowers are always soothing to tired eyes.  So, today will be the end of the project.  It is time to roam the city in search of other interesting subjects to capture.  What will we encounter?  Who knows?


Good Day!


2 thoughts on “Photograph Project: Orchids”

  1. Orchids are fragile, feeble creatures, beautiful in a melancholic way, yet so unresistibly elegant and captivating the beholder’s eyes. They remind me of some lady friends I knew in the past. I once heard that the most beautiful wild orchids were found on the walls of cliffs of the highest mountains. So unattainable.

  2. Hi Wayne,

    During hikes on the highlands of Boquete, I have seen wild orchids hanging from moss-covered rocks. They twinkle in their hostile environment. I love these flowers. as you have probably noticed on my blog.

    BTW, thank you so much for your authorization to take shots of the gorgeous flowers on the giant cactus plant in front of your house at El Bosque,



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