Photography Project: Orchids


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6 thoughts on “Photography Project: Orchids”

  1. Hola Omar,
    I wish we could grow orchids easily here, they are so gorgeous.
    We were at the garden center yesterday and spent $154 on stuff to plant. Nena is going all out this Spring in the front and back yards. The grandson was here helping me move dirt, I bought him his own 8 year old sized shovel, he loves digging!

    1. Hola Jim y Nena:

      If you can plant an apple tree and harvest its fruit, I can’t see why you can’t plant orchids and other flowers as well. Now that Spring is here, bet the farm on orchids. It would be a treat to see the results of your planting experience.

      I agree orchids are absolutely gorgeous. Who knows, your grandsons could grow up to be dedicated gardeners and build a global empire of flowers. You never know what the future holds. Remember the song made famous by Doris Day; “Que Será, Será? 🙂

      1. Trees are easy if you don’t let them freeze. We had almost no winter this time so the trees got a good start. Nena did manage to grow some orchids on our back porch once but only because it is enclosed with windows facing south. For us that is important as the sun fills the windows with sunlight during winter causing the porch to act as a greenhouse. The orchids love that. She brings all the potted plants on the porch at the start of winter, November is usually our first frost.

  2. I can understand the difficulty in keeping plants or trees in a healthy condition all year round; especially during rough winter months. That is a situation which we don’t encounter in Tropical climates like the one we enjoy in this country. This sun is always here; even in rainy days.

    Greenhouses are an excellent solution to keep your plants and trees in top shape; albeit I don’t know what is the cost of a budget-sized green house.

    It is good to know that Nena was able to grow orchids in Texas. Will she continue to do so?

    1. She may in the future. Right now she and her sister are outside almost every day doing plantings in the yard. We have neighbors doing their daily walks and they are always stopping and asking Nena about all the flowers. Nena’s family is from Boquete and you know how those folks can grow stuff. Perhaps one day we will have our own Feria!?

  3. In my humble opinion, Boquete has the best feria in the country. I have been to one because it is so far away and the hotels are packed. But the videos and photos of the venues are absolutely gorgeous. Send us pictures of Nena’s “ferias”. 🙂

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