My Early Experiences With Amazon’s Prime Video

Ever since Jeff Bezos came out with Prime Video, the purpose was to limit it to U.S. customers only.  Being that the case, I joined Netflix’s bandwagon as soon as it was available in Panama and Latin America as a whole.  It was a wise decision.  I have enjoyed their high-quality service for several years.  As a result of their streaming services. I canceled my subscription with Cable Onda, my previous cable television provider.

Now there is a new kid on the block, and that is Amazon with their Prime Video streaming service.  At last, they have decided to spread their wings and fly south of the Rio Grande.  The deal is to start with a seven-day free trial period.  Then they escalate to a reasonable rate of $2.99 for six months.  After that, they will charge $5.99 per month.  That is about 50 percent cheaper than Netflix.

Prime Video is available for your Apple iPad, your desktop computer, your cell phone, and your laptop.  I tried streaming content using my Amazon TV stick and my television set, but no joy.  There seems to be a network error, whatever that is.  Wrote to Customer Service, but as of now, no response yet.  Only a long dead silence.

I browsed through their movies, documentaries, and television series, and it looks very good,  Similar in quality to that of Netflix.  The video and audio match that of Netflix as well.  Will be a difficult decision when I have to choose one.  But I still have a couple of months before that.  Meanwhile, I’m squeezing as much juice as I can from Amazon’s Prime Video.

My first film using Amazon’s Prime Video was the film, “State of Play” which first opened on April 17, 2009.  The movie starts when a congressional staff member (research assistant/mistress) is murdered at the subway. They (the bad guys) made it look like an accident or a suicide.  A Washington D.C. journalist (hippie looking) starts an investigation involving a high-ranking U.S. congressman and his wife.

This action thriller explores the topical of privatization of American Homeland Security to private military contractors, also known as “mercenaries“, and to a minor extent, journalistic independence and the relationship between politicians and the press.

In a town of spin-doctors and wealthy politicians, two persistent journalists will discover one undisputed truth:  when money is at stake, no one’s integrity, love or life is ever safe.

Russell Crow, Ben Affleck, Rachel McAdams, and Helen Maren starred in this action-packed film.  BTW, Mr. Crow is one of my favorite actors, together with Robert Redford, Tom Hanks, and Sean Connery.

If watching TV is your cup of tea, I fully recommend testing out the waters of Amazon’s Prime Video.  Maybe you will join the bandwagon.

Good Day!


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