A New Streaming Option in Panama

For several years I have enjoyed streaming excellent content from Netflix at a reasonable price, (e.g., $9.99 per month).  Being a retiree, I have a generous amount of time to enjoy what Netflix has to offer.  For example, a couple of days ago, I saw the film, “Reaching for the Moon”.  When American poetess, Elizabeth Bishop, makes a recovery trip to Brazil where she finds herself blossoming under the attention of an old friend’s lover—María Carlota (Lota) de Maceda Soares.  It was an exquisite movie with beautiful poems written by Ms. Bishop.

Now the options of streaming good-quality content have expanded.  Yesterday, I received an e-mail from Amazon offering their visual database called “Prime Time Video” which had been restricted only to those living within the United States.  As of yesterday, it is available to Panama.  They start with a free trial subscription, then it escalates to $2.99 per month for a period of six months.  After that, the monthly subscription will hike to $5.99 which is fifty percent cheaper than that charged by Netflix.  Of course, I accepted the offer of a free trial period.  Then, we shall see which of the two alternatives provides the most bang for my buck

This is what I received from Amazon.  Jeff Bezos is certainly not sleeping on its laurels and Netflix is burning the midnight oil, thinking on how to counterattack.  Never a dull day in the world of technology and cut-throat business.

Dear Omar Upegui R. ,
As an Amazon customer, we wanted you to know that Prime Video, our new global video service, is now available in your country. Start your free trial today to enjoy the benefits of Prime Video, including:

  • Special introductory price of 2.99 USD or EUR per month (depending on your country) for the first six months, following your free trial
  • Award-winning Amazon Original series like The Man in the High Castle, Transparent and Mozart in the Jungle
  • Unlimited streaming of popular Hollywood movies and TV shows
  • Flexibility to watch when, where, and how you want—on your computer, phone, tablet, or select Smart TV’s — and to watch offline by downloading titles with the Prime Video app
  • Data Saver feature to control data usage while downloading and watching videos on select phones and tablets

After six months, your membership renews at 5.99 USD or EUR per month (depending on your country). You may cancel at any time. The site and app are in English only, with multi-language dubbing or subtitles available. Start your free trial

If movies, TV series, and documentaries are your cup of tea, this new option will be music to your ears.  If not, kindly just go ahead and click elsewhere.

Good Day!


4 thoughts on “A New Streaming Option in Panama”

  1. Hola Omar,
    We have Netflix and FireTV with Amazon Prime. The Prime membership provided free shipping options as well as TV viewing options for all types of movies, and TV programming. The grandkids mostly like the kids’ programs on Netflix, I have found more interesting viewing on Prime. Documentaries are my favorite offering. For me, nothing created as fiction can match actual history for fascination.

  2. Hola Jim y Nena:

    I have tried to obtain an Amazon Prime subscription for years, but no joy. It was restricted only to the United States. Now Amazon has decided to spread its wings. I can now enjoy both Amazon and Netflix, just like you do in Texas.

    I’m like you. I prefer non-fiction than fiction, anytime. Netflix is fine and Amazon is a good competitor. So, since yesterday, I have a big smile crawling across my face.

    BTW, I also have two Amazon’s Fire TVs, one in my home office and one in my living room. I used it mainly to stream contents from Kodi, which is pretty good. But Amazon Prime Video is much better.

  3. You can stream Amazon’s Prime Video in two different ways. First, by purchasing an Amazon Fire TV stick. The signal is picked up by this gadget and projected to your TV set directly. The accessory has a price tag of $39.00. I have these gadgets in both of our TV sets. One in my home office and the other in the living room.

    The second alternative is using Apple TV set and an Apple iPad. You download Amazon Prime Video app and install it on your Apple iPad. Then you stream content from Amazon Prime Video and mirror it to your TV set via Apple TV set. It is very straight forward.

    So far I am enjoying both Netflix and Prime Video. Their audio and video are of the highest quality. We discontinued our paid cable television subscription. We don’t need it.

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