Photography Project—Doughnuts

Recently we visited El Dorado Mall just for the sake of “killing time” and window shopping.  While walking through the aisles, we bumped into a bakery with the most colorful doughnuts.  Immediately I thought that they would be an excellent subject to photograph and a treat to “The Twisters“.

Purchased six of them which were properly packaged in a Dunkin’ Donuts colorful box.  Starting today, I will post one picture per day.  So expect to see a doughnut photograph for the next six days.  If doughnuts are your cup of tea, I will see you here.  If not, that’s okay too.  You can always click on another subject.

Here we go.


This is the introduction of the project.  Starting tomorrow you will enjoy one doughnut per day.  Do you like doughnuts?

Good Day!


2 thoughts on “Photography Project—Doughnuts”

  1. Beautiful picture of donut in the yellow plate. Perhaps I will fall in love with them after appreciating the photographs. Frankly, I’m not a fan of the sweets, but it looks quite tempting in the picture.

    1. Hello Wayne,

      We are not fond of sweet pastry either. But now and then we feel tempted by cinnamon rolls, apple pie or donuts and buy a few. Then we abstain for several months. 😉

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