Photograph by ©Omar Upegui R.

Feliciano is a skilled gardener working in the area of El Bosque for over 37 years.  He is a hard working man highly respected by the community.  Really a man who is worth his salt.

This is the best photograph I’ve taken since I got hooked on photography about ten years ago.

Good Day!


6 thoughts on “Feliciano”

  1. I wish I could replicate this quality in all my pictures. However, I think it was a flash in the pan. He walks around the neighborhood every day with his garden tools. Sundays, holidays or any other special occasion means nothing to him. He is a typical workaholic and a charming person. Panama would be a better country with more people like him.

  2. Good morning, Omar. I’ve been missing as of late and haven’t seen all your posts. This portrait is fantastic and I really love the crispness and the character it shows in the person. Well done, my friend! Hope you and your dear wife are well.

  3. Hi Barbara, nice to hear from you again. Feliciano is the best picture I’ve taken since I started taking pictures nine years ago. As a matter of fact I saw him yesterday as he passed through our house. He looked strong as an ox.

    Thank you for your warm wishes. Hope all is fine in your neck of the woods. Bye! 🙂

  4. I had written a long comment but lost it. I hate that too. I was bringing you up to date on this new iMack computer and the nice young man at The Apple Store who fixed it, including installing all new software so the computer is exactly like it was when I bought it–factory settings used. It is a job to get the individual addresses on as I have to add them one at a time. There are programs that bring everything over but there is a lot of stuff (junk) that comes with it. So I elected to type in a note to each person and you were one of my oldest friends so you are getting the first note. My wife is still seeing double but it is getting better. Her eye that she had a small stroke in doesn’t hurt like it did. We are thankful for that. It is really cold up here–I think 35º “F” this morning. I hope you and your wife are both OK and enjoying your weather.

    1. Thanks Abe for keeping me inside the loop. I’ve been following your situation with your new computer. I understand you used it only for one day. Most unfortunate incident. Happy to know that you are back in the saddle again. I know much you enjoy computers. Same here.

      The good news concerning your wife’s eye is most encouraging. Thanks the Good Lord. Things at this end are fine. Can’t complain. I’m now 70, and feel the weight of time. But it what it is. Take care and my regards to your dear wife. Bye!

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