In an act of hubris, arrogance and vanity, man decided to call himself “Homo sapient”. Homo sapiens is a Latin term which literally means “wise men”. It refers to the species to which all modern human beings belong.

Are we really wise men and women, or is it only a myth, a cliché, to believe something which we are not? If we are so wise, why do we take great pleasure in violence and war? A philosopher once said that war is the natural state of man. The Good Book tells us that Cain killed Abel because he was jealous of him. Two brothers involved in violence since the beginning of time. Then came the wars between Israel and numerous ethnic communities fighting for a piece of land. This millennial struggle still continues even as we speak. Other conflicts have flared in the region, (e.g., Irak, Syria, Libya,  and Afghanistan).

Previously, the world was shaken by the First and Second World War. We innocently believed that this conflict would put an end to the killings in the field. We were wrong. We were hungry for more. Shortly after, we were involved in the Korean War. Then the absurd Vietnam exploded. The wounds of this war are still open.

JFK comes to my mind when he said, “Mankind must do away with war or war will do away with mankind” The man who held the most powerful job on earth went down with a bullet in his head before a bewildered crowd. And that was the end of Camelot. LBJ replaced him and soon the cannons and planes roared in the thick and steamy jungles of Vietnam. About the same time, MLK said “Wisdom born of experience should tell us that war is obsolete.” But we had deaf ears.

Why has this happened, if are supposedly the “wise men” on earth? Why did Lehman Brothers went crumbling down on September 25, 2008 bringing the whole world to its knees on the brink of the abyss? The answer to these questions I do not know. I wish I did.

I think it was Albert Einstein who once exclaimed, “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.” Very, very often said.

Will the new administration lead us out of this insanity, or will it be more of the same? Surely time will tell.  As Doris Day used to sing, “Que sera, sera.”

Good Day!





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