Photograph by ©Omar Upegui R.

Good Day!


2 thoughts on “One”

  1. Let me reply to your comment in order, just to be sure I haven’t left anything out.

    1. Variety of Texture: Before taking this picture, I looked in Aura’s kitchen to find a surface with lots of texture. I found it in a board that she uses to cut veggies and meat. It clearly shows the cuts of the knife on the suface of the board. That is the beauty of texture, as well as the texture of the subject of the shot. Photography loves testures as well as many other things.

    2. Header; As you know, every year I change the header of Lingua Franca. For 2017 I selected a monochrome shot of the urban landscape of Panama City. The building that you recognize, must be the one we call “The Screw” (El Tornillo) due to its odd architecture. Unique in Panama City.

    Thank you Linda for your continued comments. It’s the fuel that keeps me moving forward. No readers—no blog, no pictures.

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