The Fern

Photograph by ©Omar Upegui R.

Good Day!


4 thoughts on “The Fern”

  1. The tropics is well know for its lush vegetation and bright hot sun. That was the theme of this picture—the tropics. The plants with its deep green, and the generous yellow of the wall, in my opinion represented the tropics. I’m glad you liked the photograph. Thank you for your regular comments.

    1. Hola Jim and Nena:

      I am also ignorant on the scientific theory of colors. I’ve read a bit about the temperature of colors and their Kelvin degrees as the temperatures changes from cold to warm. My camera does not have the options to input Kelvin information. Sooner of later I will have to deal with this subject.

      When I saw the fern in the front terrace of our house, the lush green against the bright yellow, caught my attention and shot the scene. I think it came up pretty well. Will take a look at your link and see what I can use in my photography hobby.

      My dressing style. It very simple. Mostly subtle colors; usually white “guayaberas” and khaki or black slacks. Not too “escandaloso” as you mentioned. But there are to rules written in stone in the area of colors in clothing. But women have a keen eye, so I would say that you should listen to what Nena has to say. They know a lot more than we do. Both of their brain hemispheres work at the same time—multitasking. Ours don’t. 🙂

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