Wine, Cheese and Crackers

Photograph by ©Omar Upegui R.

Good Day!

4 thoughts on “Wine, Cheese and Crackers”

  1. Omar always has interesting photos. He is at the cutting edge between a photo by itself (without words) and words without a photo. It is easier to do combination as he did in this case. Good work Omar.

    1. Hello Abe:

      Thank you so much for your highly-complimentary remarks about my work. As you know, you and Don Ray were my photography guides a long time ago. It is because of you guys that I got hooked to photography. Your work with wildlife from your office-windows are beyond description. Again, most pleased with your supporting comments.

      1. I also remember you were quite worried about your use of English and how it was going to work out. I have seen your use of English for many years and it is much better than mine. You took the time to study it and the ways to use the words and it comes out perfectly. Yes, I remember Don Ray and how good his photography is. Thanks for being my friend in Panama.

  2. You have a wonderful memory, Abe. It is true about my dedication to study the English language. I have made a commitment to study English between three to four hours a day using different media such as books, movies, newspapers, magazines, blogs and what have you. Over the years, it has been a love-hate relationship, but doesn’t keep me away from studying it. It is such a powerful and broad linguistic medium.

    I wish I had your knowledge of English. Your description of your photographs are of the highest quality, plus your overall academic education is heads and shoulders above an average American. As you know, we have a very high respect for you and your family. You truly have a friend in this part of the world.

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