Diminute Buddhist Monk

Photograph by ©Omar Upegui R.

Buddhism is the religion that follows the teachings of Buddha.  Buddha is also known as one who has achieved a state of perfect enlightenment.  It has a strong influence in the culture of several Asian nations.

Good Day!


2 thoughts on “Diminute Buddhist Monk”

    1. Hola Jim y Nena:

      The contradictions of life based on simplicity and complexity has been around for a long time. Artists, writers, philosophers, religions, linguists, etc.; have all dealt with the fascinating dialectics of the opposites.

      This miniature Buddhist monk has been in our living room for a long time. It was brought to the limelight recently due to my dedication to photography. Slowly I’m sieving through our house looking for ordinary objects to capture with the magic of the camera. I’m absolutely ecstatic with photography, as you well know. The more I dig in, the more I love its results.

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