In photography, composition is all about best communicating to the viewer your story.  Good Composition is when the story is conveyed to the viewer exactly the way it was intended to be.  On the other hand, bad composition is when the eyes are wondering all over the image trying to understand what is going on in the picture.

Some of the basic general guidelines of good photography composition are:

  • Exploring the subject or scene in order to take the best shot.  Learning whether to take the shot in portrait or landscape view.
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Balance
  • Point of View (seeing differently)
  • Simplicity (keeping your message simple)

I have a tendency to keep my shots as simple as possible.  I call it minimalistic photography and is part of exploring the technique of good composition.  Below are two shots following this composition technique.

Photograph by ©Omar Upegui R.
Photograph by ©Omar Upegui R.

Good Day!

2 thoughts on “Simplicity”

  1. It’s interesting that I find the second shot more appealing than the first. I can’t explain why that is, and can’t point to any specific thing that makes it more appealing. Of course, someone else could say the same thing about the first photo. That’s what makes the entire process so intriguing. In the end, the interaction between the viewer and the photograph is as important as the relationship of the photographer to the subject.

    I’m in Amarillo, now — back in Texas! I’ll be visiting a friend in Kerrville tonight, then home tomorrow. I’m anxious to look at my photos on a decent screen. I’ve already dumped the truly bad ones. Now, I’ll be able to do even a bit more culling, and see what I have.

    1. I took several shots of this arragements of elements. Discarded all but two. I was undecided which was best, so eventually decided to post both of them.

      Your comment is very interesting. It sometimes happens to me while surfing the web in search of good photography. The interaction between viewer and subject is just as intense as the interaction between photographer and subject as you correctly pointed out.

      I hope you had a good ride during your recent sojourn in and around Texas. Met several people here in Panama who live in Amarillo, Texas. Welcome home, sweet, home. 🙂

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