Unexpected Error at Photobucket

Sorry folks.  Something is smelling bad in Photobucket.  Since yesterday, I have been unable to access my images from this site.  I thought it was a temporary problem that would be fixed during the night.  Didn’t happen.

When I attempted to extract an image from Photobucket to publish it here in WordPress, I received the following message:  “Sorry, an unexpected error occurred.  Please try again or go back to the previous page.”

I went and ask for help at Photobucket’s Support Department and they suggested that I send them an e-mail to support@photobucket.com.explaining the problem  I did that, and so far, there has been a long radio silence.

In view of the above, I deeply regret that for the time being, there will be no new blog post today.  If the glitch or whatever it is gets fixed: I will try to squeeze in the planned post which is about a gorgeous pink flower.  I apologize for this unexpected problem.

Good Day!

P.S.  About midday today, Photobucket’s unexpected error was corrected by their Technical Department.  All images are available now to download as usual.  However, I had already found an alternative way to do it, so delay was not as extended as anticipated.  Seriously thinking about replacing Photobucket altogether.  This year they have experienced too many problems, and I am a paying customer.  Customer Service is also mediocre in search of a better word.

8 thoughts on “Unexpected Error at Photobucket”

  1. Have you ever used the WordPress gallery as your photo server? I do from time to time, either when my usual server has a glitch, or when I’m traveling and using a computer that doesn’t have my usual program loaded. It’s easy to do, and at least provides an option. If you have any questions, let me know.

    1. Yes Linda, I’m very interested in WordPress Gallery. When you can squeeze some time into your schedule, I would appreciate if you could baby walk me into using this new feature.

      I’m thinking if it is a good idea to switch to Google Picassa as my image server. Lately Photobucketg has not been very reliable, even though it’s a yearly paid subscription.

      Thank you for your assistance in this inconvenience. If possible you could send your instructions to my e-mail address. I understgand you already know it. If you don’t, please let me know.

    1. Hola Jim and Nena:

      Yeah, I can see that PB is having chaos in their site. It is not just me. I have a gut feeling that they were hacked. I say this by the minimalistic message whenever you want to retrieve an image from their site.

      The explanations/suggestions they are giving users are inaccurate; probably they don’t want to admit that thay are all messed up at this moment. I solved my problem. A new post will be up in a few minutes. They can’t stop me from serving my readers. They always come in first. Always!

      Thank you for that useful link. Appreciate it. 🙂

  2. Hola Omar,
    followup on photobucket: I got an email from them stating they had problems with a software upgrade that resulted in making the website unreachable. They said they have it all fixed now and that none of any of the photos stored with them were lost.

    1. Hola Jim y Nena:

      I received a similar message from them too. However, I have a gut feeling that their problems are more serious than a technical problem. I asked if they were in the middle iof a sales process to another corporation, or were hacked, or were having severe financial difficulties. No response from them, only a prolonged radio silence. Organizing my photo gallery and move it to portable hard disk Then I will close my subscription. Have endured too many problems with this company.

      I think I have more than three thousand photos which I do not want to lose if PB bites the dust.

      1. I had a CD made of one of my photobucket accounts years ago for that reason. They were having problems and I did not want to lose photos. I have some other photobucket accounts (some I have probably forgotten) that I don’t mind losing so if they crash permanently I won’t lose anything of importance.

        Yahoo photos got transferred to Flicker or somewhere, and google’s Picasa is being converted to google photos so change is always occurring. Detours are everywhere on the “information highway”. 🙂

  3. Roger that. After this experience with PB, I think the best option is having your own backup and keep it in a safe place in case of floods, fires, etc. A good quality hard disk should do the trick. It will be a lot of hard work transferring all those pictures to the hard disk though. But a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do. 🙂

    So far PB is working fine.

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