Dark Clouds Presaging a Storm in Panama

Photograph by ©Omar Upegui R.
Photograph by ©Omar Upegui R.

It rained cats and dogs yesterday afternoon.  Panama City was a total chaos.  The same was true across the country.  Strong winds caused a lot of damage as well.  Mother Nature was not in a good mood.

Today is totally different.  Just returned from our back terrace and the colors of the sky were absolutely beautiful.

Good Day!


6 thoughts on “Dark Clouds Presaging a Storm in Panama”

  1. On the other hand, those clouds did bring rain. I’m not certain, but I think I remember someone who was eager for a little rain a few weeks ago. Let me see… who could that have been? 🙂

    “Feast or famine” seems to apply to the weather, too.

  2. I think it was me. We had a severe drought last year. We were ready to start sining songs to Mother Nature to send some drops of rain. Now that she did, were are getting too much of it. We are never satisfied. Aren’t we?

    The sky is getting dark again. It’s highly possible that we will have more rain sometime after noon. Temperature dropped considerably last night. At nine o’clock it was 23 degrees Celsius. For us, that is pretty cold. My wife had to put socks before she got to bed. The shower was cold as well, this morning. We don’t have a heating system for our water. We take it as it is—warm of cold.

  3. Hola Omar,
    One of my memories of Panama was that it always seemed to rain at 3 PM. And it was a frog strangling pour. Then, just as we were getting off duty at 5 PM, the rain would lessen, and by 6 PM it had stopped enough for a bus ride downtown to get a meal and see the latest movie playing. This was, of course, during the rainy season.

    The next morning, brilliant sunrise and crystal blue skies. The cycle seemed to repeat all through Sept, Oct, and Nov. On recent trips, during those months, it does not seem to be happening that way now. Maybe Mother Nature is growing old with us? 🙂

  4. As you know, we are now in the middle of our rainy season. As a matter of fact, October is usually the rainiest month of the year.

    Yes, it is highly likely that it will rain after mid day. In the past it rained for several hours. Nowadays, it will only rain for an hour or two. But when it does, it is very intense. Floodings are very common in the city and some areas of the countryside. Along with the rain, we are experiencing strong winds. Fallen trees and detached roofs are some of the results of these destructive winds.

    Unusual high tides are creating havoc in coastal areas of Panama like in Bocas del Toro and Colon. People are resettling inwards to avoid the destruction of their homes due to huge waves falling on their communities. I understsand this is happening around the world as the sea becomes more and more dangerous for coastal cities. For example, I fear that New York, New Orleans and Galveston, amongst others, could be underwater in the future.

    Yes, Mother Nature is playing rough with us as a kind of revenge against us for all what we have done to destruct her in the past, and even as we speak.

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