“Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread…”

Photograph by ©Omar Upegui R.

Good Day!

3 thoughts on ““Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread…””

  1. I love bread, and that’s some good-looking bread. I like the addition of the basket, too. I did scroll up so that only the lace trim on the cloth was showing, rather than the flower print and the lace, and I thought it put the focus more on the bread. Try it, and see what you think.

    Now, I wish I had a slice, and some good butter!

    1. Lately I’ve been exploring new territory of the wide and complex field of photography. This is called Desktop Photography ,Product Photography, or Food Photography. I find it fascinating with all you can do with a very reasonable investment in photography gear.

      I started with bread and my next project will be photographing different kinds of grapes mixed with a cup of wine and a bottle of wine as well. Perhaps I could squeeze in a small portion of cheese.

      Next payday, I plan to order a light tent which specially used to take these kinds of shots. Exciting days lies ahead in this marvelous hobby called “Photography”.

      Thank you the tip of cropping portions of the basket. It should make the principal subject—bread—more interesting to the viewer. There is so much to learn my friend. I love your tips to improve my work. Thanks a bunch again. 🙂

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