Pink is the Name of the Game

Photograph by ©Omar Upegui R.

“A flower blossoms for its own joy.”Oscar Wilde

Good Day!

8 thoughts on “Pink is the Name of the Game”

  1. I was born in 1934. Many of the stories or essays were written about things that happened or that I remember from the War Years. Life was totally different before radio and television were in our homes. We never did get a radio until 1947 and we still have it. We had no indoor plumbing and raised most of the food we ate in our vegetable garden. We didn’t even have an ice box or a refrigerator so to keep things like milk and butter you had to fill a bucket with water and then set the glass milk bottle in the water. We only bought 1 stick (1/4th pound) of butter at a time as it would not stay fresh in hot muggy air so we only bought a stick if we needed it. We had no phone. It was a different world.

    1. We had flowers that came up year after year and those were unique because we had just come out from The Great Depression and people didn’t have money to spend for things like flower seeds. So most people traded their seeds. I know we even traded tomato seeds to get a different style tomato. We smashed the tomato on an old piece of newspaper and let the bulk dry and then we’d pick out the seeds. We also used old newspaper for our toilet paper and to help light a fire in the mornings to get the split pieces of wood to catch on fire and heat the stove up enough to boil a teakettle of hot water. You can imagine how hot the kitchens were on a hot August afternoon after dinner. We had no air conditioning except what came in through the open doors and windows.

      1. Thank you for your narrations of how things were in the thirties and forties. I was born in 1946, and things were not like the time you described, but many of today’s technological advances were not invented then. I’m still in awe of the things that I am able to experience on a daily basis, which are pretty much like extracted from a science-fiction movie. I feel very fortunate to be alive in this modern time.

        What worries me is the deterioration of the planet. I wonder how long mankind will be able to sustain itself in a crumbling planet. Probably I won’t be here to witness it.

    1. I still have a couple of pictures of this beauty that have been unpublished. Like drops of water, I’m rationing them one by one. Pnk is such a delicate color.

      Oscar Wilde had a remarkable way of writing about so many things. I remember his vibrant protest regarding the desecration of the Parthenon marbles known as Elgin Marbles by the British. No matter how hard Greece has pressed Great Britain to return them to Athens, the British are adamant in keeping them in London. The struggle continues even as we speak.

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