The Flower That Follows The Sun

Photograph by ©Omar Upegui R.

Good Day!


8 thoughts on “The Flower That Follows The Sun”

  1. Hola Omar,
    We have a yard full of these, one of the few flowers that tolerate the Texas heat. We put out sunflower bird seed for the cardinals and jays so the flowers take root everywhere but especially in the garden. Later in the season, the thrushes will feed directly from the flowers. Some of our plants are 2 meters tall!

    1. Hola Jim and Nena:

      You guys are very lucky to have such gorgeous flowers in your garden, for crying out loud. I wish we had those here. They are not very common in this part of the world. I wonder why.

      I’ve hear about the love between birds and sunflower seeds. That means you have a constant visit of birds to your yard. Quite a scenenery. We don’t have much birds in our yard, but we do hear them singing early in the morning.

  2. What’s interesting about sunflowers is that they follow the sun only in their earlier growth stages. There are physiological reasons for the turning, at that point in their life cycle. Once they’ve matured, the turning stops, and the face east consistently. Very interesting plants, and this one’s a beauty.

    1. Interesting infromation, Linda. Thank you. It will help readers know more about the flower and its relationship with the sun. My wife is investigating whether she can plant one in our garden. They are very rare in Panama, as far as I know.

      I love their bright yellow color. 🙂

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