Lilliputian Purple Flowers in Our Garden

Photograph by ©Omar Upegui R.
Photograph by ©Omar Upegui R.
Photograph by ©Omar Upegui R.

“I felt after I finished Slaughterhouse-Five that I didn’t have to write at all anymore if I didn’t want to. It was the end of some sort of career. I don’t know why, exactly. I suppose that flowers, when they’re through blooming, have some sort of awareness of some purpose having been served. Flowers didn’t ask to be flowers and I didn’t ask to be me. At the end of Slaughterhouse-Five…I had a shutting-off feeling…that I had done what I was supposed to do and everything was OK .”Kurt Vonnegut, Conversations with Kurt Vonnegur


5 thoughts on “Lilliputian Purple Flowers in Our Garden”

  1. These are pretty little things. For some reason, the little ones always are the hardest ones for me to identify. Maybe I haven’t developed my macro vision yet! The color is luscious, too. You’re surrounded by beauty, for sure.

    1. Linda,

      These flower are so small in size, you can barely see them with the naked eye. It takes a macro lens to get inside the flowers. These are the invisible worlds that are hidden for most of us.

      Yes, we are surrounded by beauty in more ways than one. Bye…

    1. The problem with diminute flowers is that you don’t see them. You really have to be on the lookout for these flowers, specially if you are walking out on the open fields.

      I saw these flowers in our garden. They were almost invisible to us for years. In fact, I had not seen them since she planted the flowers about ten or twelve years ago. This is whay I say that if you look for beauty, you will find it. Do you agree?

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