Hanging Bougainvilleas in Taboga

Photograph by ©Omar Upegui R.
Photograph by ©Omar Upegui R.

“Let us dance in the sun, wearing wild flowers in our hair…”Susan Polis Schutz


4 thoughts on “Hanging Bougainvilleas in Taboga”

  1. Hi Omar! I could not find the contact form so I am writing here.

    A couple of years ago you asked me a few questions on photography (on Canon camera settings, etc.) – we got in touch via email. A few days ago I started a series of online lectures on art and photography. It will be great if you ask your questions in the comments to that lectures and I will give my (subjective) full answers.

    Alex Markovich

    1. Sounds great Alex. Since I asked the questions, I’ve been continually viewing videos on YouTube about camera settings and about my camera in particular which is a DSLR Canon Rebel EOS T2i.

      Having said that, I am sure willing to see what you have to say about photography. I love your work with those gorgeous Russian female faces and the wonderful rural landscape photographs. You are doing a great job promoting photography and your country to the world. That of course will interest potential visitors to hop on a plane and travel to Russia. I would love to visit St. Petersburg.

      Thank you for your interest in my learning process of the art of painting with light. It is very exciting to say the least.

  2. My goodness! Those flowers are impressive. Of course, larger buildings can support larger displays, and this one’s a beauty. I know I’ve mentioned that Bougainvillea are among my favorites, anyway. They flourish here — even the flower-whackers can’t get them to go away entirely!

    1. The more I dig into the world of flowers, the more amazed I am at their elegance and beauty. I know of a photographer in Maine who is totally dedicated to photographing flowers. Her name is Kathleen Clemons. Her pictures are out of this world.

      Thank you Linda, for for continued support. It helps a lot to an amateur photographer. 😉

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