Tea For Two

Photograph by ©Omar Upegui R.

Jane glanced at her bed table to check the time.  A pale blue light glowed; 6:30 a.m.  She smiled, it was exactly the same time as her biological clock sheltered inside her head.

“It is time to start moving” she thought.  Drowsily she walked towards her large bedroom window to scrutinize the sky.  It was dark, with black, and all possible shades of gray clouds.

It was cold, so cold she could feel it deep in her bones.  It was Sunday.  From experience she knew it would be a long and boring day.  Time would crawl like Salvador Dalí’s clocks.  Bended. Exhausted. Hanging from a limb, almost too tired to tic.

For no special reason she felt a bit sad and nostalgic.  And the day blended in perfectly with her mood.  “What to do to on glum days like these?”, she muttered.

Then a bright idea popped out of her head.  “What about John?”, she thought.  He was the perfect companion for such an occasion–witful, amusing and flooded with stories.  “Yes, John is the perfect selection for a day like this”, she concluded.

She fetched her iPhone sleeping deep inside her robe’s warm pocket and carefully dialed his number.

“Morning John, this is Jane.  Did I wake you up?”

—“Hi Jane.  Not at all.  You know I’m an early bird.  What’s up?”

—“Everything indicates that today will be a long, damp and cold day.  Would you be interested in dropping over for a good game of Scrabble and a tea break about mid afternoon?”

—“Scrabble?  I’m not very good with words you know; but yes, I’ll pick up the glove. Great!  I’m in.  I’ll be there sharp, like a Swiss watch.”

They both talked some polite niceties and then closed the call.

—Jane sighed.

—John did not.

Okay, how about a good short story—today— for a change? The photograph is a good start and the table has been set with a suggested introduction for a short story.  Would you like to finish the story?  If you have a knack with words and a rich imagination, it’s a piece of cake.

I’ll be waiting in the wings.  The ball is in your court.

Good Day!

5 thoughts on “Tea For Two”

  1. I feel inspired by your story, dear Omar, well; let’s think what can be end of this story…you know I have a pretty wild imagination.

    “John felt extremely excited this morning, he knew something amazing is waiting for him in such a gray day like this. And it has really happened, Jane called him and invited to come. Surely, he was not thinking of a simple scrabble with Jane, he really hoped to spend more time with her and got to know closer each other. They have been friends for a long time, but John found Jane very attractive as a woman and he dared to believe that they can suit each other. This morning call and invitation for scrabble was a perfect chance he could not miss…”

    How about such a development of your story, dear Omar?

    1. You sure have a fertile imagination, Ana. As a matter, you could practice being a writer. You never know how far you will reach.

      The introduction is very original. Have you ever thought of writing small stories in your blog, or maybe writing a short novel? I think you have a knack for words. Seriously!

      Thank you for continuing the story. Hope other readers will continue until the story is fully finished. Thank you so much for your cooperating in this fun writing project.

      1. I made it with pleasure. In fact, I do like making up stories and as you may recognized I practice some short stories from time to time…and even think of writing something bigger as well. I am just afraid that I am not enough smart for it, it’s pretty challenging. Writing is one of the most exciting hobbies for me! Thank you for your kind and encouraging words, my Friend! You have a great idea!

  2. “Jane began to putter around her home straightening as she went. Fix the bed linens and fluff the pillows and pick up the tea cup that has left over tea from the night before when she had snuggled into her warm bed for a cup and good book. She went to prepare her modest breakfast meal of a slice of toast and a glass of delicious sweet orange juice. As she sat eating at the table looking outside at the bleak exterior, she let her mind wander to what this afternoon will bring with John. Her heart began to beat a bit faster as she always enjoyed her time with him and he brightens her day. Hmmm, she thought, I think I’ll make a pie to enjoy with the tea for this afternoon. This day is certainly beginning to brighten up! “

    1. Great attitude in your continuation of the story. She woke up a bit nostalgic, yet you begin to brighten up her future. Your narration is full of details to help the reader understand where Jane is and what she is doing. I like that. Thatk you so much for your contribution to this exciting writing project. Who knows, it could finish up being a cohesive short story.

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