El Casco Viejo

Photograph by ©Omar Upegui R.
Photography by ©Omar Upegui R.

Pictures of the old area of Panama City known as “Casco Viejo” or “Old Shell”.  It is one of the most photographed areas in the city, along with the Panama Canal and the ruins of Panama Viejo.

If you come down to Panama, this is a site you should not miss.  It’s like traveling back in time.  As if all clocks stopped ticking.

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2 thoughts on “El Casco Viejo”

  1. And wait for high tide! haha
    Hola Omar, the last time we were there, 4(?) years ago, there was lots of construction to the area to save and restore the historic church and buildings. We need to get by there again now that the “dust has settled”. It is such a memory trip for us whenever we go, Nena and I spent hours walking around there when we first met. I still don’t know if I like the roadway built in the bay although I do understand the need for it.

    I was stationed on Fort Grant at the end of the causeway and this view was an everyday sight driving into Amador each morning.

    1. I must imagine the nostalgia that must surround Nena when she views pictures of Panama; specially where she spent the most important stages of her life.

      Casco Viejo is within the area where you met her, so it is dear to her heart and to you too my dear friend. I am happy to contribute to these moments of joy remembering the past and all that it brings to our hearts.

      Casco Viejo is being restored in its entirety. New hotels, restaurants, sourvenir shops, and art exhibitions are sprouting like mushrooms in the forest. It will be quite an impression when you return.

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